︎ Art Fair

Sculptures and photography works on show as part of
the MovArt Gallery Booth at the 2024 edition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair | Booth D3 With David Brits, Kay-leigh Fisher, Keyezua, Mário Macilau.

From the Press Rease:
“ MOVART Gallery is ensuring its agenda on the African art scene by once again taking part in the continent’s most important contemporary art fair, the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, which runs from 16 to 18 February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Today, it opens the private view for collectors, curators and cultural agents.

In response to this year’s edition theme, ‘Unbound’, circling around the unlimited potential of art to create and challenge realities and between imaginary intersections, materialism and stories, MOVART’S proposal aims to perform as a platform for art practices that provoke imagination while also engage in sociopolitical tensions and break with traditional narratives and social expectations. At this juncture, the works of David Brits, Kay-leigh Fisher, Mário Macilau and Keyezua are brought together.”